City Awake Boston Takes Off in Pre-Social Entrepreneurship Era

P.C.’s The Economist article: Jobs in the Future, about how advanced technology created a new wave of jobs for developing countries, reminds me of a parallel scenario. Here in the US, the abundance of resources and technology also urges businesses to do something outstanding. That’s when the core of innovation comes about.

A surge of tech-related careers in China

I would trade anything to go to the central Boston right now to observe that impactful wave flooding onto the city. Welcome to the wave of City Awake Festival (Dec 4 – 13) with:

  1. Technology:
  2. Social innovation: social enterprises throughout the country have come here and creatively collaborated for a giant, to-be-awakened Boston, including:
  3. Human capital: Justin Kang who made this whole festival came into being, and many other like-minded entrepreneurs.

The purpose of this event? Kang said:

“I think millennials, and even people who are older, are seeking purpose-driven careers – more meaningful, impactful careers. That’s why I think this is the optimal moment for Boston to brand itself as [a center for social impact], because we have the resources.”

At City Awake Festival which aims at building a Social Impact city in Boston

My eyes were caught by a Vietnamese name in the article: Minh Nguyen. He was an undergrad from Tufts University and is now working as New Sector Alliance‘s Development and Communications Coordinator. I was amused at how he values entrepreneurship, community spirit, and his Vietnamese culture so much.

Minh Nguyen with his charismatically spirited look

Just like 3 years ago when P.C. observed: what drew investment into developing countries was the growing use of mobile telephony, what is enticing attention of the US entrepreneurship sector into Boston at this moment is the pursuit of millennials for purpose-driven careers.

So if you are in Boston, great, because you have 3 more days to blend in the events of City Awake Expo. It is totally worth it!

“Boston is a place of history, place of learning, place of first” in City Awake Festival’s recap:

Join the wave: @CityAwakeBoston, City Awake Boston Facebook or LinkedIn!


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